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Spring Break Camp

Registration closed.

Come back next year to join us :)





2024 Summer Camps
​June 3rd - August 2nd
Monday - Friday
8:30-6:15 (with extended care)
4-13 yrs old
All About China Camp
May 28 - May 31
Tuesday - Friday
8:30-6:15 (with extended care)
4-13 yrs old

In the camp, students will learn about Chinese language,  culture, history, technology and more.

All materials  will are correspond to our summer theme to offer activities-based, hands-on

curriculum, supplemented by fun and exciting recreational activities, for example: calligraphy,

painting, paper cutting, origami, Mahjong, Chinese Chess, Pingpong, shuttlecock, fan dance,

Taichi, yoyo, tug of war... 



                June 3rd - August 2nd (summer break:  week of July 4th)

Morning Camp:

     Monday to Friday:  9:00am - 12:00 pm (drop off as early as 8:30, no extra charge)

All-day Camp:

     Monday to Friday: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Extended care: Morning Camp 12:00-2:00pm $10/hour

                           Full-day Camp 4:00-6:00 pm  $10/hour

                           75-120minutes is counted as 2 hours

                          15 minutes grace period for late picking up

Daily Schedule: 

8:30 - 9:15am Drop off, greeting, preparation 准备

9:15 -10:00am Class Rotation 1 第一节课

10:00 -10:30am Snack Break 零食与休息

10:30 -11:15am  Class Rotation 2 第二节课

11:15 -11:45am  Activities or Sports 活动与运动(indoor or outdoor activities upon the weather condition)

11:45am-12:10pm Story time & Ready for morning camper pickup

12:15-1:15pm Lunch & Nap or Quiet Time 午餐与午休

1:30-2:00pm Class Rotation 3 第三节课 

2:00-2:30pm Activities or Sports 活动与运动(indoor or outdoor activities upon the weather condition)

2:30-2:50pm Snack Break 零食与休息

2:50-3:30pm Crafts, Arts, or Science Experiment  手工,艺术,科学实验

3:30-4:00pm Clean Up, Story Time & Pickup 故事, 收拾,等待

4:00-6:00 Extended Care: Board games, reading....  游戏,读书,故事

6:00-6:15 Grace period for late pickup.

Class Rotation:

3 classes from: Math,  English reading or writing, Chinese language, Science based on  student's grade

and academic level.

Lunch and Lunch Break 12:15-1:15pm: bring your own lunch or snacks, water or fruit juice; no soda

Snack and Water: Self-prepared snacks and water. The camp may provide theme-related food. Please let school know if you don't want your child to eat.

All food must be peanuts free.

Special Time:

Field Day: Wednesday morning (May make an indoor field day, eg. Camping night if outside is too hot)

All about food: Friday afternoon 



Discovery Camp for Lower Grades: Pre K - 3rd grade

Adventure Camp for Upper Grades: 3rd - 8th grade



Week 1(June 3 - 7): Magic China 人杰地灵

Week 2 (June 10 -14): Foodie Adventure  美味佳肴

Week 3 (June 17- 21): Animal World 动物世界

Week 4 (June 24 - 28): Enchanted Colors 五颜六色

Week 5 (July 8 - 12): I am a little chef 心灵手巧

Week 6 (July 15 -19): Mystery Math 妙不可言

Week 7 (July 22 - 26): Little dress designer (explore to Chinese dress) 独具匠心

Week 8 (July 29 -Aug 2): Chinese Olympic Games (folk sports) 龙腾虎跃

Camp Fees(including a T-shirt): 

Register before April 30th:

Reg. fee: $20.00 per student; $30 per family

Half-day Camp fee: $175 per week, Sibling: $170.00

​All-day Camp fee: $255.00, sibling $245.00

After April 30th:

Add $20 per week for one-day camp and $10 for a half-day camp


Early Registration fee: See above


or Register Here:


Chinese Heritage Camp
龙的传人夏令营(for adopted children only)


This is a camp for the children who adopted from China. It offers programs for Pre-K through high school.  

The kids will learn Chinese language and culture to gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture and share their adoption stories.  

Camp Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm; July 15th - July 19th

For adopted kids from China

4 yrs old to 18 yrs old


Daily Schedule:  

8:30 - 9:15am Drop off, greeting, preparation 准备

9:15 -10:15am Conversational Chinese Class 口语

10:15 -10:45am Snack Break 零食与休息

10:45 -11:45am Activities or Sports 活动与运动

(maybe outdoor activities upon the weather condition) 

11:45am-12:45pm Lunch & Nap or Quiet Time 午餐与午休

12:45 - 1:30pm Chinese Culture Class 中国文化

1:30- 2:30pm Crafts or Arts  手工与艺术

2:30-2:45pm Snack Break 零食与休息

2:45 - 3:30pm Activities 活动

3:30-4:00pm Clean Up, Story Time & Pickup 收拾, 故事, 等待

4:00-6:00pm Extended Care: Board games, reading....  游戏,读书,故事

6:00-6:15pm Grace period for late paickup

Day Camp Theme & Content

Day 1 (March 11th): Magic China 大好河山,人文地理

Signs of China, China History, Chinese Arithmetic, Poems Appreciation,

Cities, mountains & Rivers, Opera, Food, Great Inventions, Arts & Calligraphy

Hands-on Project: Calligraphy

Day 2 ( March 12th): I Love My Family 幸福家园, 爱意满满

Family Members, House, Professional & Places, Hobbies

Famous People in the China History

Hands-on Project: Chinese Painting

Day 3 ( March 13th) Enchanted Colors 五彩缤纷,花枝招展

Colors, Nature, Fruit & Vegetables, Plants

Hands-on Project: Plant Vegetables or flowers

Day 4 (March 14th)  Animal World 动物世界, 奇妙无比

Panda, 12 Chinese Zodiac, Animals from Legend,Animals

Hands-on Project: Make a panda

Day 5 (March 15th) A Little Chef 独具匠心, 垂涎欲滴

Kitchen, Chinese Cuisines, Six Tastes, Colors & Food

Holidays & Food, Birthday Food, Traditional Food, Dim-Sum

Hands-on Project: Make dumplings


Register before May 1st: 

Weekly: $225.00

Daily (Day 1 - Day 4): $50.00 

Daily (Day 5): $60.00

Register after May 1st:

Add $20.00 weekly; $5.00 daily



 or go to:

Spring Break Camp


Spring Break Camp
Summer Camp
Chinese Heritage Camp
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