Lone Star Chinese School - 德州之星中文学校
2018 Fall Class
The classes will run from August 25th to December 15th, 15 weeks in total. The class schedule is:

Aug. 25th - first day of class
Sept. 1st to 3rd - no class, Labor Day break
Oct. 6th  - Teacher's Training Day; no class
Nov.19th - 25th Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 15th - Last day of class
Saturday Class(15-week; Aug. 25th - Dec. 15th)
1. Chinese Language Class for Intermediate (8 & up):
                      Tuition: $375.00, Text & Materials: $30-$70.00

2. Chinese Language Class for beginner:
                      Tuition: $375.00, Text & Materials: $30-$65.00
                      Schedule:1:00pm - 2:30pm

3. Chinese Language Class for Pre-K ( 3-5 yrs):
                      Tuition: $450.00, Text & Materials: $30-$65.00
                      Schedule:1:00pm - 2:30pm

The students are grouped as age and Chinese language level. 
4. Chinese Culture & Drawing Class( 4 & up):
                      Tuition:$325.00, Materials: $20.00
                      Schedule: 2:45pm - 3:45pm

5. Chinese& Activities Class( 4-7 yrs):
                      Tuition: $325.00,  Materials: $20.00 - $70.00                     
                        Schedule:2:45pm - 3:45pm

Weekday Class (15 weeks; Aug. 25 - Dec. 15, Chinese Language Class only)

Monday to Thursday: 

Chinese Language:     Schedule: 4:00-5:30pm
                                   Tuition: $375.00
                                   Text & Materials: $30-$70.00
Twice a Week Class:   Schedule: base on student's age and Chinese level
                                   Tuition: $680.00
                                   Text & Materials: $30-$70.00

More Classes:
Parent & Me Class:
                           Parent pays half of tuition and learn Chinese with kid
Private Class:
Semi-private Class:
                           2 students per class
Small Group Class:
                            formed by students or by requested
Adult Class: 
                            schedule upon request
Tutoring Class:
                             schedule upon request
Classes for home schooling
                             Monday /Wednesday morning
Chinese AP/SAT Class:                           

Registration fee:

                 $10 per student per class
                  $20 per family

Registration fee after class started: $20.00 per student per class
Registration Form:
Discounts( not combined with any other discount):
Sibling:                      5% of tuition on same class
Multi-class:                 5% of tuition on same class and same student
Adopted Child:           5% of tuition
College Student:        5% of tuition
Early Registration:      $10.00
Our Facility: Look at our nice classrooms and parents waiting areas.
Class at

8725 North Tarrant Parkway
North Richland Hills, TX 76182

After-school class - Starts Fall, 2015

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10200 Alta Vista Road
Keller, TX 76244

Every Thursday 4-5pm for beginners

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3. Arlington
10200 Alta Vista Road
Keller, TX 76244

Happy Chinese Hour快乐时刻
The Fantastic Chinese Learning   
Fun Parent-Child program 
For young children from 0-5 yrs

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